Selkirk Pledge

For every Selkirk assignment, large or small, we will do our best to save our Clients time and money, mitigate risk, deliver value, while providing an exceptional customer experience. We strive to create and maintain client relationships by providing legendary service, with underlying business principles that include the following:


Never to be compromised, for any reason. The highest ethical standards will be the hallmark of Selkirk Partners.


Pursue excellence in every endeavor, large or small. Differentiate Selkirk from our competitors. People do notice and appreciate your going the extra mile.


An unwavering commitment to our Clients and the achievements of their goals and objectives.

Conflicts of Interest

Identify early if they exist, fully disclose to all parties, and always abide by “the right thing” regardless of transaction, fee or relationship.

Value-Add Service

Make this mean something. Deliver value above and beyond what is asked of us or considered standard in the industry.


Our communities need us more than ever. Give back and contribute, generously and without fanfare.