Tenant Advisory Services

Simply stated, it is near impossible to serve two masters at the same time. Selkirk Partners represents tenants and occupiers of commercial space exclusively, thereby avoiding the inherent conflict of interest that exists when representing two parties at the same time. We act as your agent, your advocate, and your champion in the real estate process.

We help our clients lease, buy, sublease and sell commercial office space and buildings, locally and all over the country. For one location or hundreds, we offer strategic planning, we speak workplace strategies, we can assist with lease administration, we provide project management services, we can coordinate your office move, and if we don’t have a service or expertise in-house that you may require, we have industry-leading relationships and alliances all over the country for virtually every real estate need that you may have. Really.

To the Point:

Selkirk Partners represents tenants and occupiers of commercial space, those with single locations or those with portfolios comprised of hundreds of leased or owned properties with their real estate needs. Our reach is local and national.

Why Make the Effort:

Because real estate is expensive, the workplace is evolving, and real estate can drive change.

What’s in it for You:

Beyond savings, increased profits, more time in the day and the confidence and security of having professionals manage your real estate with systems and processes to keep tabs on it all, an office where people actually want to go. Imagine that.

Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

When it comes to representing tenants and assisting businesses with their space needs, experience matters. Our seasoned professionals have managed thousands of transactions on behalf of our tenant clients. For each transaction, large or small, we’ll first invest the time to understand your business so that we may best craft a strategy and solution tailored to your particular needs and situation, and then execute that strategy seamlessly, with precision and perfection.

As part of Selkirk’s Transaction Representation Services, we provide the following:

  • Team Formation
  • Space Programming
  • Market Research and Survey
  • Scenario Planning
  • Building Tours and RFPs
  • Financial Analysis and Qualitative Matrix
  • Initial Space Planning and Design
  • Building / Site Selection
  • Lease Negotiation (with Client’s counsel)
  • Project Management
  • Move Coordination
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Aligning real estate strategies with business goals. For one location or hundreds, a thoughtful, comprehensive and all-embracing strategic plan can pay dividends in multitudes of ways across the enterprise.

Often times the result of a merger or acquisition, or a related or capital-planning activity, most companies don’t devote the time and resources to a proactive master plan while exposing themselves to unintended but potentially substantial, bets on real estate.

And with Corporate Real Estate (CRE) executives being tasked today to do more with less, think proactively, while contributing to the bottom line, they are challenged to provide real estate solutions that ultimately:

  • Enables the core business
  • Minimizes cost or maximize value-add
  • Mitigates risks
Workplace Strategies

Workplace Strategies

The workplace is changing, with an emphasis today more on people as opposed to real estate. Tend to the 90% as compared to the 10%, and drive the top-line. Real estate must adapt, do more with less, foster collaboration. Our clients want an office environment that provides choice, can accommodate multiple generations, serves the mobile workforce, all the while assisting with recruiting and retaining top talent.

Having represented many of the world’s largest companies, Selkirk will introduce your organization to best-in-class workplace designs and solutions, industry-leading architects and planners, and ultimately, expose your company to progressive ideas and concepts intended to provide a work environment that inspires and engages.

Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services

A handful of locations, or hundreds of locations. Various leased and owned facilities, regionally or across the US. Different building types, rent structures, local and institutional owners, urban and suburban locations – and unfortunately, no tools and no processes or meaningful data to keep tabs on it all.
Add to it changing accounting rules, decisions on the fly and in the field, disaggregated data and shortage of resources and capital, the threat of missed critical dates, and the mandate from Corporate to reduce occupancy costs.

This is where Selkirk comes in.

OPMR – Organize, Plan, Manage and Report.

Our Portfolio Services platform is intended to provide process, tools, standardization, accountability and structure to companies with multiple locations regionally or nationally. With real estate getting more and more attention from the C-suite and Wall Street, Selkirk’s Portfolio Services can provide peace of mind and confidence in knowing that your business and its real estate are covered.

Project Management

Project Management

Changing workplace trends, new and evolving technology, capital constraints and compressed schedule. Sounds familiar? We hear this all the time and can help.

Selkirk Partners provides Project Management Services for those companies who may not have the resources or experience in-house to oversee a new construction or renovation project. From architect interview and selection, to design and construction drawings, general contractor bidding and award, building permits, tenant build out, IT and furniture install, Selkirk can assist.

Disposition Services

Disposition Services

In today’s “right-sizing” environment, the ability to identify and shed excess space can represent found money and occupancy cost savings. And in many instances where leases have short terms remaining, the possibility may exist of a down-size and new lease and restructure, representing potential savings well in advance of lease expiration. Ask us about our Sublease and Disposition Services.

Move Coordination

Move Coordination

The job or responsibility nobody else wants, except we do. The only time you hear much about the move is when it doesn’t go as planned, or is way above budget or behind schedule, or when your internet service provider fails to show up.

Selkirk assists with move coordination, from helping to build schedules, to creating budgets, to mover interviews and selection, to IT and A/V consultation and installation, all the way to move-day. It may not be glamorous and often times thankless, but if there’s ever a way for a project to go side-ways, it’s a poorly planned, disorganized and over-budget move. No need to hide in the restroom on move day, we’ve got you covered.

Other Tenant Advisory Services

Other Tenant Advisory Services

  • Employee Location mapping
  • Lease Administration Consulting
  • Operating Expense reviews
  • Market Research
  • National Reach and Coverage
  • Build to Suit