Office Space Calculator

Each tenant’s space requirements are unique.  Financial service firm space needs can be very different than those for a technology company, or a law firm, or a media and communications company.  First impressions, industry standards, the mobile workforce and a myriad of other factors play a vital role in determining how much space you may need. 

The following office space calculator is a tool we use to help our clients determine their space needs and future workplace.  Please feel free to contact us and in short order, and without any commitment or obligation, we can help you determine yours.


Typical Project Schedule

The sample Project Schedule below depicts at a high level the various phases and tasks to be accomplished in the normal course of a real estate transaction.  Depending upon the ultimate solution, this schedule can be accelerated (in the case of renewal, for example) or could require more time (in the case of a build-to-suit, as example).  In the end, we always recommend to our clients that you initiate the process early, and well in advance of any critical dates or renewal notices.